Vintage Cinema Club

Film 2


Runs monthly on a Wednesday in BHVH and it’s proved popular.

We’re already preparing for the new season of vintage movie classics and although we haven’t had any special requests for 2015/6 yet, this is your opportunity to suggest something.


We want to include a short second feature with each showing, in order that our attractive young usherette (guess who?) can sell you ices and drinks in the interval, all to support the village hall!  We’ve tried to link them with the main feature where possible, either by date or subject matter.

Wednesday 28th September: “West Country Journey” (British Transport Documentary Short) + “Genevieve” (Award-winning comedy around the London-Brighton Veteran car run)

Wednesday 26th October Hallowe’en Programme: “Fraidy Cat”  (Spooky (!) Tom & Jerry cartoon) + “Dead Of Night”  (Brilliant & scary Ealing Studios portmanteau film from 1945)

Wednesday 30th November Two major award-winners: “The Red Balloon” (Beautiful 1956 French fantasy short) + “It Happened One Night” (Frank Capra classic with Clark Gable & Claudette Colbert)

Wednesday 14th December A Pair of appropriately seasonal delights: “The Night Before Christmas” (Tom & Jerry) + “In The Good Old Summertime” (famous tale re-told in 1949 with Judy Garland)

Wednesday 25th January A special request: “The Making Of ‘High Noon’  – Documentary + “High Noon” (Superb Gary Cooper/Grace Kelly award-winner from 1952)

Wednesday 22nd February An All-British programme: “The Impassive Footman” (Creaky but curious 1932 flick with Owen Nares) + “Hobson’s Choice” (Terrific David Lean version with Charles Laughton, John Mills)

Wednesday 29th March by Special Request: “White Mane” (French Palme D’Or winner about Camargue horses) + “Citizen Kane” (Orson Welles on top form in 1941: A true classic)

Wednesday 26th April A sympathetic pairing: “The Little Orphan” (Oscar-winning Tom & Jerry classic) + “Les Miserables” (1935: First & best sound version w. Laughton, Hardwicke & March)

Wednesday 17th May Another request, another classic: “Holiday” (Very evocative British Transport doc  featuring Blackpool in the ‘fifties) + “North By North-West” (Hitchcock at his best: Cary Grant & Eve Marie-Saint)

Our extensive library of DVD/VHS copies is available to members FOR FREE LOAN and the list will be circulated again.

Anyone interested in a good read about things cinematic, please ask.  We have various biographies (Cary Grant, James Stewart, Marlene Dietrich, David Niven etc.) and some good books of movie analysis as well as all the big, glossy studio books by Clive Hirschorn etc. (RKO, Paramount, United Artists, MGM, Columbia, Universal, Warner, 20th Century Fox..)

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