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Runs monthly on a Wednesday in BHVH and it’s proved popular. 2018/2019 programme below.

Our extensive library of DVD/VHS copies is available to members FOR FREE LOAN and the list will be circulated again.

Anyone interested in a good read about things cinematic, please ask.  We have various biographies (Cary Grant, James Stewart, Marlene Dietrich, David Niven etc.) and some good books of movie analysis as well as all the big, glossy studio books by Clive Hirschorn etc. (RKO, Paramount, United Artists, MGM, Columbia, Universal, Warner, 20th Century Fox..)

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Broad Hinton Vintage Cine Club  2018 – 2019 season

Sept 26th 2018: ‘The Third Man’ – 1949: Carol Reed’s brilliant staging of a Graham Greene story. Starring Joseph Cotton, Trevor Howard, Orson Welles + Zither accompaniment!
c/w ‘The Music Box’ – 1932: Early Laurel & Hardy classic

Oct 31st 2018: ‘San Francisco’ – 1936: Spectacular, star-packed (Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald, Spencer Tracy) “prodigally generous and completely satisfying” that climaxes with the 1906 earthquake!
c/w ‘Winter Cruise’ from Somerset Maugham triple bill: ‘Encore’.

Nov 28th 2018: ‘Strangers On A Train’ – 1951. Hitchcock suspenser starring Farley Granger,  Robert Walker, Patricia Hitchcock (Hitch’s daughter) Great entertainment
c/w: Hitchcock – The Early Year: An examination of the great director’s early career in Britain.

Dec 12th 2018: ‘The Man In The White Suit’ – 1951. One of Ealing’s best: Alec Guinness and Joan Greenwood star: A very well-constructed satirical farce!
c/w: ‘Nosferatu’ – 1921. A terrifying early take on the Count Dracula legend directed by F W Murnau. Silent, of course – It took its German director to Hollywood. Spooky!!

Jan 30th 2019: ‘Twelve Angry Men’ – 1957. Sidney Lumet directs a cast of top character actors headed by Henry Fonda in this terrific study of a court-room jury. A great film.
c/w  ‘Train Time’ – 1952. British Transport film showing how our Railway System used to work … plus; ‘Safety Second’ – A Tom & Jerry cartoon!

Feb 27th 2019: ‘The Million Pound Note’ – 1954. Entertaining re-telling of the Mark Twain tale. Stars Gregory Peck. Fine supporting cast – Joyce Grenfell,  Ronald Squire,  A.E.Matthews, Jane Griffiths, Wilfred Hyde-White, Reginald Beckwith. Colour!
c/w ‘Le Million’  – 1931. Charming, v. early French semi-musical film directed by Rene Clair. In it’s day, a ground-breaker and still great fun.

March 27th 2019: ‘The Awful Truth’ – 1937. Irene Dunne, Ralph Bellamy and Cary Grant star in this classic sophisticated yet farcical comedy that won director Leo McCarey an Oscar and nominations for Best Picture, Script, Irene Dunne and Ralph Bellamy.
c/w ‘There Goes The Bride’ – 1932. British fare of similar vintage, a feature for Jessie Matthews (directed by Albert De Courville co-starring Owen Nares + early appearance of Roland Culver. Saucy, Spicy, Sparkling”

April 24th 2019: ‘Sunset Boulevard’ – 1950. An oblique (and bleak) celebration of Hollywood’s golden days starring Gloria Swanson, William Holden and a host of famous faces. Billy Wilder directs and co-writes. Franz Waxman won an Oscar for his music score.
c/w: ‘The Navigator’ – 1924.  Buster Keaton, (who appears in ‘Sunset Boulevard’) Kathryn McGuire. A succession of hilarious sight gags – the star on top form.

May 29th 2019: ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’ – 1938. Errol Flynn, Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains, Olivia De Havilland. Still the best version of the old folk-tale with the finest Robin, Guy of Gisbourne, King John and Maid Marion! Excellent colour, terrific production, superb Korngold score and (I quote from the NFT): “Magnificent, unsurpassable…the film is lavish, brilliantly photographed…etc.”
c/w: “The Making of Robin Hood” Documentary + cartoon.