Covid19 Support

A new Facebook group has been created, called Broad Hinton Connect and Support. It’s inclusive, so people from Broad Hinton, Uffcott and Winterbourne Bassett are already members of the group. You can search for it on Facebook, or click on this link Broad Hinton Connect and Support to go straight to it.

The group is to share ideas and support for the people in our community during the challenges presented by the Covid19 virus. This FB Group is about staying connected, creating ideas and offering support where we can.

It’s also important for people who are not on Facebook to have a way to reach out for help, so we hope together we can figure that out. This page on the BHVH website is one way of doing this.

Just to be crystal clear, like the Facebook Group, this page is to let you know about what is available in our community in terms of support, and we’ll update it regularly with information from the FB Group and any other sources. What we won’t be doing is posting government or NHS advice or information, it’s best to go to the original source for that.