Car Care in Lockdown

The most obvious place to start is the battery. Its condition at the beginning of confinement will determine what if any problems you might have in the future. If your battery was at the end of its life, it will degrade quickly and become unreliable when compared to one that is in good condition. Batteries have a finite life span and their condition can be verified using a tester. Many garages and battery specialists will provide this test free of charge with no obligation to purchase a replacement.  

A specialist who has a retail outlet in Swindon, BBL Batteries, have published some advice at  

As far as the battery is concerned if you own an electric vehicle (EV) or a Plug-in hybrid, you should contact your supplier and ask them for advice that is specific for your vehicle.  

Motoring organisations such as the AA have, as you would expect, already offered guidance concerning looking after your car in lockdown and this includes the MoT and Road Tax. The AAs guidance can be found at  

It’s often said that the only thing between you and the road is your tyres – it’s true! Tyres also need to be looked after and along with some more general guidance the RAC covers this at  

Some of the other things that you need to be aware of include, fuel, brakes, oil, coolant, and of course, security. Another useful source covering some of these points can be found at   

As a slight aside, if you don’t already know, not all Petrol is the same and suppliers are increasingly adding plant based Ethanol which will cause the fuel to degrade very quickly (in weeks). This is a particular problem for small engines such as those found in strimmers, mowers and chainsaws: in fact this is the single biggest reason that your petrol Lawn Mower will not start, especially at this time of year. To deal with this you can purchase a fuel stabiliser that when added to fresh petrol can preserve it for over twelve months and if you are not familiar with this it’s worth talking to the person who services your garden equipment. 

The final word: if you want your vehicle to start and run reliably when you need it, taking some action now could be a really good investment.  

Nothing in any of our communication should be construed as expert advice and the Villages Support Group and its members cannot accept any liability. We recommend that before acting or making potentially important decisions, you take appropriate advice from a qualified professional.