Become a Cyber Warrior

Based on an increased level of fraud, deception, and cyber risk arising from the Covid-19 crisis, we recently published an article to help you to keep safe. Taking responsibility for our own security is the foundation for a safe cyber world.  The highly organised criminals, who are after your money, never relent.

Consequently, there is a huge effort by others taking place to keep you cyber safe. For example, once your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has detected a particular email borne threat, it will prevent it from arriving in your In Box, without your knowledge; what you see is the very significant tip of an absolutely immense cyber threat iceberg.

Most of you will have heard of GCHQ in Cheltenham. They have an operation called The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). If you want to help the national effort to reduce cyber-crime, it’s easy to report emails you suspect.

The NCSC recently launched its Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS) and it has already had great success; more than 80 malicious web campaigns were taken down in a day after 5,000 suspicious emails were reported to them. You don’t have to be certain, reasonable doubt is enough. Fight back at cyber-crime one click at a time!