Defibrillator Training 17 July

Wednesday, 17th July 2019  7:30 pm at Broad Hinton Village Hall

Learn how to re-start a heart and save a life!

The Parish Council are pleased to offer defibrillator training provided by our Assistant Community Responder Officer for South Western Ambulance Service (SWAST), Sharon Kirwan

Winterbourne Bassett now has its own defibrillator, located at The Winterbourne, and the Parish Council is looking for villagers from Winterbourne Bassett or Broad Hinton to carry out a daily check.

There are currently 11 Defibrillator Guardians in Broad Hinton, and any new volunteers would be most welcome.

All that is required is to sign up to a rota to cover regular daily checks.  This involves just looking to see that the green light is on, and the defibrillator is not beeping, indicating a possible fault and contacting SWASTteam or the Parish Clerk if there is a problem.  It only takes a few minutes.

Naturally, the more residents who agree to sign up lessens the frequency that each Guardian has to check the unit and helps to provide holiday and illness cover.

The Parish Council are grateful to the Village Hall Committee for use of the hall for the training evening and opening the Bar.

Interested?  No need to book, just come along.