Yew Tree Lane Update

Yew Tree Lane – Wiltshire’s Response to the Road Condition Complaint from the Parish Council
Jim Gunter, the Parish Councillor responsible for Maintenance and Highways contacted Wiltshire Council to find out what was happening about repairing the patches in the road surface in Yew Tree Lane, due to continued and increasing complaints from local residents.

The lengthy explanation reply from Wiltshire indicated that the repair of these patches has been raised as a location for potential patching sites in the Marlborough Area. However, the Council representative was unable to provide a timescale as to when Yew Tree Lane will be patch-repaired.

Although Wiltshire appreciate that the surface condition of Yew Tree Lane doesn’t give the appearance of a satisfactory road surface, currently it is considered that the road structure is predominantly sound and although the thin surfacing is degrading; it still doesn’t currently meet Wiltshire Council’s safety intervention levels at this time for immediate treatment.
The Parish Council appreciates residents’ concerns about this issue and we will continue to petition for the repair of Yew Tree Lane. However, in the meantime we suggest that you register your concern directly through the MyWiltshire customer portal.

A new version of the web portal for the My Wiltshire app has been launched. The mobile app version remains unaffected.
For more information and how to use the new version, please visit:…/art…/new-look-for-my-wiltshire

Footnote: Wiltshire did undertake a few patch repairs on Friday 15th June, so the pressure is having some effect.