Broad Hinton & Uffcott Fête

The Fate of the Fête  . . . . . is in your hands!

As many of you will have witnessed, the Broad Hinton and Uffcott Village Fête has been transformed in recent years and has become a major social occasion within our communities.   It has become a ‘classic’ British village fête offering fun and games, food and drink, market stalls, dog shows and, occasionally, arena events such as ‘Soak The Vicar’ and Karate Demonstrations.

However, the small team who organise the event and who are key to its smooth running are, shall we say, ‘of mature years’.   They are now of an age when the physical demands of erecting and dismantling the marquees, gazebos and games equipment are such that they cannot face a further event  . . . . unless they get support from younger and fitter volunteers from the villages.

And that is the key to this appeal.   We need to recruit a gang of fit and able folk who could help setting up the Fête site and, later, dismantling the same.   Hitherto, the Fête site has been erected on the afternoon of the Thursday before the event, with further preparations going on throughout the Friday.  Since a younger team would be at work during the daytime, we would carry out the preparatory work in one or two evenings of the week ahead of the big day.    The dismantling of the site, to a large extent, is done on the day once the happy crowds have dispersed, but it could be delayed until an evening work party can be assembled.

We’d like to draw up a list of volunteers who are prepared to assist the Fête Team in running the 2017 Fête (tentatively planned for Saturday, 9th September).   We are looking for your help, not only with the erection and dismantling as discussed above, but also with running events on the day.   We are enormously grateful to those good people who have helped at recent Fêtes but we would welcome new faces to either spread the load or, perhaps, allow us to add further attractions.
So . . . . the fate of the Fête lies in your hands.   Without your assistance with the physical side of the event, the Village Fête will die and Broad Hinton and Uffcott  will lose one of their most popular community events.  It would be very sad if we, as a community, could not hold an annual summer fête.

Please register if you’re prepared to help with the 2017 Village Fête by ‘signing up’ with members of the current Fête Team:
Brian Poulton
Des Clarke
Mark Wightman

Thank you.